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Friday, May 27, 2011

Choosing a case for your MOBO

                      Another thing to consider when picking out a MOBO, is the Case you will put it in.  As with the CPU, different motherboards require different cases. Motherboards come in 3 different forms, Mini, Mid, and Full., As they're names may suggest, they're corresponding cases do as well. The Mini Tower Cases shown below, are an example of what they look like.
 As the name may suggest, there isn't very much room for add ons, so its is a primarily simple design. Fewer drive bays, and fewer peripherals, they are pretty much similar to OEM models.  Next are the Mid Tower Cases,which have a lot more room, which also means that the MOBO will be a bit bigger and in most cases, have more on it.Here is an example below of Mid towers...

 Ass you can see, when you get into PC customization, you get a lot of choices in  personalizing you machine right down to the case you put it in. These have more Drive and expansion bays, giving you more to work with. Finally, we come to Full Tower Cases. These will help you utilize larger MOBOs, which mean more power, and ability to expand. Some Full tower cases, like the ones below.....

not only help turn your PC into a work of art, and an expression of yourself, come with upwards of 10 to 12 drive bays, and 7 to 10 expansion slots. That opens up a whole world of upgrade possibilities for you. You won't run out of room for a while, and can make them look good too.

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