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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Choosing a HDD

   Ok, so now we have to choose an HDD, or "Hard Disk Drive".  This is you primary storage device, of all of your machines programs, and OS, or "Operating system".  Now HDDs generally come in 3 categories, "IDE", "SATA", or "SSD". IDEs utilize the older "PATA", or "Parallel Attachment AT", while the "SATA", or "Serial Attachment AT", are the newer tech, phasing out the PATA interface.  And then there is the even newer, and more expensive "SSD", or "Solid State Drive", which has no moving parts, and is basically like a large ram card, and because there is no disc to scan and search for the information, it is much more faster.

    Size is also a factor in choosing a HDD.  Depending on what you will be using your system for, you may need more or less space. Here is a simple list for reference....

  • Word Processing: 250GB and Higher, 7200rpm
  • Web Surfing: 320GB and Higher, 7200rpm
  • Gaming: 500GB and Higher, 7200 rpm
  • Digital Music: 750GB and Higher, 7200 rpm
  • Graphics Editing: 1TB and Higher, 7200 rpm
  • Digital Video: 1.5TB and Higher, 7200 rpm
     As you can see there are a few choices in selecting a HDD, and what you'll use it for, and no shortage of manufacturers, and prices as well. You may even consider using a "RAID" or"Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks", Which we will go into detail in another post.  Consult your Motherboard to decide what kind of HDD you need as well.

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